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What is the Launch Program?

LAUNCH is a program designed to increase the number of prepared people in the workforce. We help young people 17-21 who are out of school and/or unemployed or underemployed. Clients may have dropped out of school, or may have completed high school, but have limited financial means by which to further their education. Our primary objectives are education and employment.

 Where are the offices located?

The LAUNCH program operates in Madison, Morgan, Marshall and Limestone Counties. The offices are located at the Alabama Career Center in Huntsville, C.A.R.E Center in New Hope, Decatur Career Center, Albertville Career Center and at the Family Resource Center in Athens.

Who funds this program?

The Launch Program is funded under the Workforce Investment Act through the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs in partnership with the Mental Health Center of Madison County and Governor's Office of Workforce Development.

How does the program work?

A uniqueness of the LAUNCH program is the pairing of participants with a coordinator and a professional counselor. Upon enrollment, clients meet with the coordinator and counselor to determine educational and employment goals. Often the first goal is the completion of the GED. Participants who are interested in furthering their education may be eligible for financial assistance through Workforce Investment Act Funding and Pell grants. A high percentage of those who obtain a GED go on to post-secondary training and degree programs. Participants have received Associate degrees, LPN degrees, and certifications in a variety of career areas.

During their enrollment in the program, Launch participants receive assistance and coaching which enhances their employability. Workshops are offered in resume writing, interviewing, understanding diversity and workplace etiquette. Practical life skills are taught such as budgeting and financial management. Participation in our Ropes Challenge Course and other activities develops leadership and confidence. College and industry tours increase awareness of opportunity and facilitate career choice and decision making.

Clients may also participate in work experiences or job shadowing, which offers exposure to the workplace as well as insight into their chosen career. The Launch counselor is available to support and mentor them during the "learning period" of a new job.

Upon completion of training or certification programs, the coordinator will assist the participants with obtaining employment.

What will this cost me?

The application process, career assessments, counseling, programs, field trips, college tours, GED tests (if applicable) are all paid for through the grant and other local community support. There is no cost to the participant.

Why is this program important to our community?

In addition to being a great program for helping young people succeed in life, the program helps develop a diversified, prepared and skilled workforce for the communities we serve. From an economical position, the program assists young people in obtaining unsubsidized employment, and therefore contributes to the economy, decreases unemployment, generates a higher per capita income, and creates a larger tax base.

How can someone obtain more information about the LAUNCH program?

For more information, please contact us at:


Madison County
Clarissa Tibbs, Coordinator -- 256.851.6411,
Rashmi Chauhan, Counselor -- 256.851.6414,
Maryann Schnur, Counselor New Hope- 256-665-4734

Marshall County
Jim Greene, Coordinator -- 256.894.4725,
Libna Arroyo, Counselor -- 256.894.4725,


Limestone County & Morgan County

Tyrone Phillips, Coordinator-- 256.665-1564,


Launch Central Office
Janis Brooks, Administrator -- 256.705.6365,
Sherman Dailey, Program Manager -- 256.705.6339,



How can the community help?

The LAUNCH program has partnered with many organizations in order to provide resources for our clients. Many businesses have donated their time by being speakers at some of our events, as well as providing meeting rooms or sponsoring lunches for our programs. Other businesses have been quick to serve as work-experience sites, or to offer the use of community meeting rooms.

LAUNCH Youth Services
Provided by the Mental Health Center of Madison County
4040 Memorial Parkway South red ball Huntsville, Alabama 35802 red ball 256.705.6339